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April 19th, 2004

06:58 pm - RP Log: Jig's up, Oishi. (Golden Pair)
How's about one last GP fight before we move on out?Collapse )
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April 14th, 2004

10:44 pm - Flee
In reference to the last post.. please go here: tp_plus3

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01:41 am - Noting
If I haven't contacted you already then I intend to, but if I miss you or am blind do me a favour and poke me?

...<.< that was ambiguous wasn't it XD

Well..briefly: there are plans for change, but right now I want to see how many people still want in. Most will have noticed we're dried up right now, so I want to give things a kick. Put the clock forward and start over. Said clock will be skipping forward three years, the beggining of the current third years' senior year of high school while Echizen gets to be a shiny freshman once again.

It's up to anyone who stays how far you want to wipe the slate clean as far as things have been here, some of you may want to keep events and build on them, others will want a fresh start altogether. These are all details to be worked out.

So, for now.. if you would still like to be part of things either IM me at Weiss Fische or drop a reply on here. I'll try and catch up with everyone once I get a better idea of numbers and formulate plans ^^;

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March 23rd, 2004

11:32 am - White Day Log: Sengoku, Taichi, Akutsu
Just read it :p

Hot pants = world peaceCollapse )

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March 16th, 2004

04:34 pm - Interschool Prank War [3rd years ONLY]
Thanks to Cougar-sensei's quirky ingenuity and hankering for cultural experience, he has decided to further expand students' understanding of the vindictiveness and passion in enacting wars, so, they shall engage for the next two weeks in-- a PRANK WAR. Cougar-sensei's idea is a prank war to stimulate some (mostly) harmless fun and intellectual/cultural experience firsthand.

He thoughtfully got together with other third year history teachers and further set it up as an InterSchool thing.

Duration: 2 weeks. [Start: March 15, End: March 29]

Targets: Cougar-sensei's students only (any period) and the 3rd year students of any history teacher from various schools that are on the list [basically includes all of the 3rd-year characters].

Types of pranks: Anything except things that will hurt, disable, or otherwise severely physically harm a person. Benign pranks only-- no maiming, killing, bodily harm, etc [Cougar's note in his instructions: i.e. Akutsu this means. You.]

Procedure: When you pull a prank, you log it with your teacher. When a prank is sucessfully pulled on a target, the target also has to log in to confirm... if the teacher doesn't hear from the target for whatever reason (refusal to admit any such thing ever happened/sheer embarrassment), he'd publically ask for a confirmation of the type of prank. Or if it's unsucessful, then no credit for that.

Note: If you're pulling a prank on the character, you must talk it over the player you're pulling it on (so they know you did it... and you guys can figure out whether it'd really work ;P).
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March 8th, 2004

09:31 pm - Modeling Plot: Pants
Attention: Kaidoh, Shinji, Mizuki, Dan, Hiyoshi, Ryou, Yukimura.

The modeling agency called you up this afternoon--your interview and tryout is being held this coming Sunday. They ask that you come in "appropriate dress," too...probably means that you should root through your closets for something nice, eh?
Well, see, here's the thing: in going through your closets on Saturday, all you can seem to find are leather pants. Tight leather pants. (Where did all of your other pants go? How the hell did you get leather pants in the first place? You don't remember buying them...) Oh, there are still plenty of shirts. Just that all you have in the line of trousers are tight leather pants.
What's the plan: go to the tryouts in your nice, suffocatingly tight leather pants, or be a spoilsport and try to do some last minute shopping/borrowing/sewing?
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March 7th, 2004

09:26 pm - [RP log: Oishi and Eiji]
Here comes the bride...Collapse )
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07:44 pm - RP log: Phone call of trouble to-be. (Mizuki & Oishi)
[takes place Saturday night]

Wherein Mizuki calls Oishi as previously agreed upon to agree on when to meet up, so Oishi can return Mizuki's gloves. And being distressed by Eiji's and Fuji's secret plotting, Seigaku's fukubuchou seeks advice concerning 'controlling a relationship' - from Mizuki, of all people.

Good evening.Collapse )
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February 26th, 2004

06:35 pm - A little bit of picture spam for all :D
Spamming randomly ;o; this is mostly directed towards Magnolia as it's one of her characters. ^^

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February 27th, 2004

01:36 am - back....!!! XD
arara...gomen minna! It seems I haven't posted in a really disgustingly long time. O.o nya, at first it was just my laziness, but then my family moved to a different state so...yeah. ^^;; and we actually aren't even done moving yet. XDXD *dies* because when we moved here we didn't have a house yet...so we were staying in an apartment. ^^;; but we finally found a house...! and the closing is next week...so we should be there either friday or thursday. *nod, nods* but then we'll still have to un-pack and get everything organized...XDXD *dies again*

but even so, I'll make sure to at least post once a week now...! and hopefully when we move, I can get my computer hooked up quickly...cause that's all that really matters...XDXD *huggles her computer*

*blinks* ...so yeah...*bows* I'm really sorry for not posting in awhile! >.<;; and not even giving anyone any warning about it. ^^;;; *turns chibi and runs around whacking herself with a mallet* it won't happen again...! XDXD
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